SRAM Updates Guide Brakes

So, as a bike geek, I tend to follow the latest news and trends regarding components and such.  While my MTB is awesome, it definitely is a budget build and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.  However, that doesn’t mean I’m not always trying to find ways to upgrade it.

Currently, I’m running XT brakes on the Full Suspension, and while, with a few tweaks, I’ve been overall happy with them, I’ve never been totally stoked at their modulation.  I’ve been contemplating upgrading to the Sram Guides as I’ve heard nothing but excellent feedback on them.  Plus, for a guy my size, 4 piston brakes have got to be a good thing.


The news that’s been posted over on Bikerumor (Upgraded SRAM Guides) this morning is definitely not helping me in resisting my desire to upgrade!  Looks like SRAM has improved the calipers with quite a few new features.  These upgrades include:  relocated bleed screw, improved molded seals instead of o-rings, machined fluid ports and a more open design to improve cooling.

I won’t bother stealing their pics, but I’d encourage folks to check out Bikerumor for the details.

Now to see what I can possibly sell to pay for new brakes……for-sale