Here’s to Zwift and New Beginnings!


So, if you’ve seen my youtube channel, you’ll know that I’m an Old Fat Guy on a MTB ( Basically, I’m a 48-year-old father of 4 boys and I’m currently about the heaviest I’ve ever been, weighing in at 285 pounds. Funny thing is I don’t drink regular soda, don’t eat a lot of sweets or candy, but I am a stress eater. You see, I have a 14 year old son with special needs. To say that he adds excitement to our life, is an understatement!

For far too many years, I was off the bike, but since moving to Colorado, I finally have the opportunity to get back on the bike. I’ve predominantly been riding the Mountain Bike, especially since I was lucky enough to pick up a custom Waltworks this past year.


While I’ve definitely enjoyed being on the MTB, I SUFFER on the climbs, and being in Colorado, EVERY ride has a climb!

Well, it’s time to do something about this adipose tissue that has accumulated over the years. Last week I downloaded Zwift, setup the link app on my iPhone and created a demo account. After getting the littles into bed last night, I made my way down to the garage with my laptop and riding clothes, setup my cyclocross bike on my ancient Cycleops fluid trainer and got to it!

I’d like to say that I spent 2 hours on the trainer, burned 5000 calories and kicked everyone’s butt on the course, but alas, I spent a whopping 20:54 on the trainer for a grand total of 5.4mi. Strava is showing that my max cadence was 215, but I’m pretty sure that’s a mistake, and Zwift showed a max power of 1,200w.So, was this first ride a success? YES! I enjoyed trying out Zwift for the first time, got a decent little workout in, and most importantly, I’m encouraged that, yes, I can do this! Zwift asks you to setup goals, and my initial goal is 3 hours a week. While this is not nearly enough, I know that I don’t want to set my goals too high, as that will just lead to discouragement, so 3 hours it is.

I’m hoping to make this a consistent thing, and to work my sessions up to the 1-hour or greater mark. We’ll see how that goes, but I am excited to have a physical outlet as the weather here begins it’s journey towards cold and snowy, and I’m looking forward to the gains to be made over the winter.   With any luck, and a lot of work, I won’t be saying thanks and sorry to everyone for waiting for me on the group rides.

So, here’s to new goals, time on the bike, and a “new” me. So, feel free to follow me on Strava (, challenge me on Zwift, or just throw some encouragement my way. Also, if you’d subscribe the the youtube channel (, like the videos and throw some content suggestions my way, I’d appreciate it.

See you out on the trails!