Welcome to The Truing Stand!

As I sit here with my family on a lazy Good Friday, watching the snow fall, I figured it was as good a time as any to actually get this thing started!

Version 2I suppose I should introduce myself first, so, my name is Gifford (yes, for real!) and I moved to Colorado a little over 3 years ago with my wife, Julie, and our 4 boys.  Both Julie and I were raised in Nebraska, but we also ourselves drawn to Colorado for vacations and such.  Now that we’re here, we have the distinct pleasure of waking up every morning and looking out our bedroom window right at Pikes Peak!

So, why a blog?  That’s a great question, and probably a bit surprising for folks who know me.  In general, I’m fairly quiet, introverted and stoic, but my wife tells me I’ve actually got quite a bit  to say.  As such, I figured, why not.  I also believe that because my personality is one that has to process things, it’s far easier for me to compose my thoughts on paper than verbally.
Why The Truing Stand?  Thats a great question with a few answers, to be quite honest.  There’s only a few things in my life, outside of my family, that I’m passionate about.  One of those things that grabbed my attention years ago is bicycling.  A critical component of any quality bike is the wheels.  In order to build and maintain a good set of wheels, you need a good truing stand.  Wikipedia defines a truing stand as:

truing_stand“A wheel truing stand is a specialized tool for “truing” (straightening) bicycle wheel. Individual models differ slightly, but all consist of an axle stand on which the wheel can rotate and calipers, to measure slight deviations of the wheel’s rim from ideal alignment.”

Another passion of mine is God.  I’m not talking about some generic term here, but rather an actual, personal relationship with the Judeo-Christian God of the universe.  As with the bike stuff, there will be more posts to talk about this relationship, but I’ll start with this.  God’s word, the Bible, is basically His truing stand for our lives.  Through sin and personal choice, our lives fall out of the Ideal alignment that God has for us, but He has given us, for lack of a better term, a User’s Manual, in the form of the Bible.  This book, and a relationship with God, allows us to examine ourselves and see where we are out of alignment, and then use His word, prayer and the Holy Spirit to “tweak” ourselves back into that ideal alignment, just as if you were using a truing stand on a wheel!

Over the coming days, months and perhaps years, I’ll use this blog to talk about many things.  Memories, life experiences, frustrations, beliefs, etc.  I figure these posts will mostly consist of my thoughts and experiences as a cyclist, as well as many thoughts and ruminations about God.  I’ll probably also veer off onto other subjects such as guns, hiking, the mountains and my family.

I’ve never embarked on a journey such as this, but I’m excited, and a bit nervous, to see where this goes.

To those of you brave enough to endure my ramblings, I give you a heartfelt Thank You!  I should also give a quick shout out to Dustin from Southern Wheelworks for graciously providing me with some awesome pictures of truing stands and his shop for use on my blog.



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